Welcome to the East Tennessee Pest Control Association!

The ETPCA is a non-profit organization made up of independent Pest Control Operators dedicated to information and education with in our industry.

General Membership:

By joining the ETPCA you will enter into a strong community of Pest Control Operators that are dedicated to our individual communities to break the myths about our industry and determined to provide educational opportunities to all pest control companies.

Membership with the ETPCA also gains you membership into the Tennessee Pest Control Association and the National Pest Management Association. Having a joint membership in all 3 associations’ grants you access to all information and resources in the pest control industry.

We have general membership meetings monthly on the 4th Thursday of every month at 11:30 AM.

For more information about membership please contact us or call Marie Horner at 336-209-1858.

Smoky Mountain Conference:

The Smoky Mountain Conference is held every January in Knoxville Tennessee. At this conference speakers from all over the country present research and educate attendees in the latest treatments and hot topics in the industry. The conference is an educational seminar where you can earn points towards your certification.

More information about our upcoming Smoky Mountain Conference!