Notice of Member Vacancies for Tennessee Pest Control Advisory Board

The Tennessee Pest Control Advisory Board is a 7-member board that advises the Department of Agriculture for changes to regulations affecting the pest control industry. The board advises on creation or amendment of pesticide license categories and testing examination material. Positions on the board are appointed by the governor and allocated under state law to members of the academic, consumer, and industry sectors. Pursuant to the law, the governor is encouraged to appoint at least one member who is 60 years of age or older and at least one member who is a member of a racial minority. Members serve a 4-year term and are not eligible for per diem expenses arising out of their service.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is currently accepting nominations for (2) member positions on the board: (1) academic sector and (1) industry sector. Academic nominees must be a member on staff of a university in Tennessee, and industry nominees must be licensed by the Department as commercial pest control operators. Nominees are encouraged to have significant knowledge or experience related to research, education, consumption, or performance of pesticide services. To submit a nominee for consideration, please forward the name, contact information, and brief description of his or her qualifications, including professional and public service experience to



Attn: Pesticides Administrator

Post Office Box 40627

Nashville, TN  37204

The nomination period will remain open through January 29, 2021. All nominations received will be forwarded to the Pest Control Advisory Board for consideration. The Board will select a panel of nominees, which will then be submitted to the governor for consideration and appointment in accordance with state law.

For any questions, please contact the Department at (615) 837-5150.