Final legislative Update

The following will provide a final update on the legislation we have been following this past session;

HB0245/SB0652 – Implements a re-certification fee – HB0145 was taken off notice on 3/31/2015, meaning neither bill received further consideration in the 2015 session. Stay tuned next session. We might also expect this issue to be addressed in the rule making process by its addition to the fee schedule. If that path is followed the associated bills be become a moot subject.

HB0063/SB0073 – Authorizes the Commissioner to impose civil penalties on unlicensed individuals –This legislation was signed by the Governor 4/20/2015 and will take affect 7/01/2015 providing TDA with additional enforcement powers.

HB0906/SB0794 – Redefines “certified Applicator” – With the 2015 session now closed HB0906 is in limbo. This bill needs to remain on our radar as it is eligible for consideration in the 2016 session.

HB0290/SB0321 – Revises the Tennessee Regulatory Fund – This legislation was signed by the Governor on 5/20/2015. The promulgation of rules can and may begin as soon as the bill is signed i.e. yesterday. All other portions of the legislation will take affect on July 1, 2015. It is my sense the Department of Agriculture will be issuing new rules fairly quickly so any new fee structure will be in effect January 1, 2016. I have included below the link to the Secretary of State’s website where any new rules are posted before they become law. Please try to review this site once a week so we are aware the clock has started. The more eyes we having looking, the more likely it is we have time to review and comment before they are cast in stone.

Proposed TIFRA Rule Changes as of June 2013

Attached you will find the proposed TIFRA rule changes as of June 2013.

There will be a public hearing regarding the rules modifications on October 29th @ 1pm in Nashville. This will be a great way to get the updates and ask questions.

For more information you can email Kathy Booker with the department of Agriculture at

TIFRA Rules Revision June 2013